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 The new Fable III

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The new Fable III Empty
PostSubject: The new Fable III   The new Fable III EmptyTue Nov 30, 2010 3:38 pm

Fable III is the best Fable yet. The interaction with people isnt as fun, but the Gnomes are funny as hell. I will be posting a list of the things they say:

¦"You want to know what I like most about people? They die!"

¦"That's a nice looking weapon. What are you, compensating for something!?"

¦"Here doggy doggy! Come over here and die..."

¦"The ladies must really love you... You could share makeup tips and trade shoes!" (To male heroes)

¦"Your mother!" (Lionel at the beginning of the 'Gnomes are Evil!' quest

¦"Those are nice shoes. But don't you think your Gran's feet are cold without them?!"

¦"I'd like to come to your house for tea. And then I'll have your mum!"

¦"You look familiar. Oh yeah I remember, you look like this girly I used to SHAG!"

¦"Your mother!"

¦"Winter's my favourite season. I love the snow... and that's when the most people die!"

¦"Are you lost mi' lady? I can direct you to the nearest kitchen." (To female heroes)

¦"Good afternoon, m'lady. Why don't you come over here and SHOW ME THE GOODS!" (To female heroes)

¦"I feel like celebrating today, because today's the day ya die!"

¦"It's a nice day... apart from where you're standing!"

¦"If it were up to me nobody would get sick. They'd just die! Starting with you!"

¦"Dogs are loyal and noble. And right tasty too!"

¦"We could be best friends, if I liked people with an arse for a face!"

¦"There's our noble hero. A big fat stupid ugly noble hero."

¦"Oh I didn't notice you there. How d'ya like being so insignificant?"

¦"Excuse me have you got the time? To get stuffed?!"

¦"If I had a friend like you, I could tell them secrets. Like how I'm gonna set you on fire!"

¦"I can help you find what you're looking for. Step 1: Pull your head out your arse!"

¦"I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate you!"

¦"I like to think about puppies. About slowly, slowly crushing them."

¦"Oh you are so sweet. Like a bloody great TART!"

¦"I can't decide if I like your looks or your personality better; it's like comparing mud to sewage!"

¦"I sensed your presence before you even arrived. What did you eat!?"

¦"You should go somewhere nice and peaceful. Like a cemetery!"

¦"Haha you're funny, but looks aren't everything!"

¦"Look at you, strong arms, broad shoulders, a squared jaw. YOU ARE ONE WEIRD LOOKING LADY!"

¦"Your weapon's bent. Oh no wait, THAT'S YOU!!"

¦"Sometimes I want someone to talk to. And sometimes I just want someone to kick in the crotch!"

¦"You remind me of an old friend. He was a twit! Just like you!"

¦"Must be nice, being able to lick your own privates. But doesn't that embarrass your dog?"

¦"I had a dog once. Had him with mash and mushy peas!"

¦"Oh! Noble One! Maybe you're the one who can save the world! Although more than likely you will just fail miserably."

¦"Are you lost!? Can I help you to starve and die!?"

¦"That's a nice doggy. If you like skinny little ugly runts!"

¦"My favorite things are music and sunshine and love... and pain."

¦'You are so noble, yeah that's not boring!" (To good heroes)

¦"I'm not like those mean gnomes. I'm a million times worse!"

¦"You are so righteous, so pure of heart, it really makes me want to vomit!" *gags* (To good heroes)

¦"You seem like a very nice person. I kill nice people, you know." (To good heroes)

¦"Seeing you brings back memories, of wanting my eyes gouged out!"

¦"I like that halo above your head. It will come in handy when I strangle you!" (To good heroes)

¦"Oh I love puppies...when they're in a sack drowning in the water!"

¦"Sure a lot of problems in the world... its gonna take one big, strong, MAN!! To fix them." (To female heroes)

¦"YOU'RE A TWAT!!" (To Brian)

¦"I'd like to to get to know someone like you... and then drown them."

¦"You certainly are a big, strong hero... for a lady." (To male heroes)

¦"I can tell you where there's a nice, big chest of gold coins... you can use them to buy yourself SOME NEW HANDBAGS!" (To male heroes)

¦"People love a virtuous hero. You know why? Because people ARE IDIOTS." (To good heroes)

¦"I was hoping you'd come 'round. I could use a good laugh!"

¦"For my money, MEN make the best heroes. Present company excepted, of course." (To male heroes)

¦"Hey, doggie! Play dead! And never mind the playing part!"

¦"You... really got your mother's looks... oooo..." (To male heroes)

¦"You... really got your father's looks... oooo..." (To female heroes)

¦"When people tell you you're good, they mean you're a goody-two-shoes! When they say I'M good, they mean I'm a FIEND in the sack!"

¦"You are one evil hero... what's the matter? Too lazy to be good?" (To evil heroes)

¦"Oh, a young lady. Make yourself useful, love, and GET ME A CUP OF TEA!" (To female heroes)

¦"You stink, you mongrel. Either you rolled in something... OR YOUR DOG DID."

¦"You've got darkness in your soul. I can smell it! Oh, no, wait! I think that's your breath." (To evil heroes)

¦"You remind me of my mother... she was fat and ugly, too!!"

¦"I knew someone more evil than you once... MY GRAN. And all her friends!!"

¦"That skin... not a lot of people could pull that off. I'd like to pull it off!! C'MERE!"

¦"You are the embodiment of pure evil. Ask me if I give a toss!" (To evil heroes)

¦"Philosophers tell us there are those who create, those who destroy... and those who are wankers. Like you!"

¦"It's the great hero, looking for excitement... how 'bout you come sit on my big pointy hat!"

¦"Look, it's a lady hero! You're not going to go on about equal pay for equal work, are you?" (To female heroes)

¦"You're going to make some man very lucky. If he likes ugly birds, with no personality!" (To female heroes)

¦"You look like you've found a great deal of treasure... AND EATEN IT!" (To fat heroes)

¦"Oh look! He's wagging his tail... maybe he's thinking about eating CRAP!"

¦"You remind me of a Hero from long ago... except you're a big fat version!" (To fat heroes)

¦"I can't remember the last time I came across a person as noble as you... but that's because I actually hang out around people who are INTERESTING!" (to good heroes)

¦"Men and beasts fear you... fruits and veg, they know they're safe." (to fat heroes)

¦"The other day a little boy threw a rock at me... broke my chin. Can I borrow one of yours?" (To fat heroes)

¦"My what a nice dog. I'd watch your back doggie, looks like your master eats everything in sight!" (To fat heroes)

¦"Blue is a nice color for you. You should pick out a nice blue DRESS!" (to male heroes)

¦"I'm going to drown you in that bloody pond" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"You're Dead!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End))

¦"I'm going to rip your eyeballs out!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"Remember this day, the last day you where ever safe!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"Think I'm scared? Boo whoo I am bloody terrified." (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"Your days are numbered!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"I'm going to figure a way out of here then I'm coming for you!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"This isn't the end, it is only the beginning!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"I'm going to bring you down on your head! Hear me?" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"You let me go right now" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"You're going to DIE! Everybody's going to die!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"I've killed for less." (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"I'll have you for this." (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"When I get out of here you are so dead!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"You think you can hold me here?" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"Yep you best keep me frozen here, if I ever get free I'll stomp ya!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"Come over here and fight me you coward!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"I'm going to haunt your nightmares, and when you wake up shaking, I'll be there to kill you!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"I'm warning you get me out of here or there be trouble!" (while in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦"Go out and grab another Gnome, I'll give you an idea of where you can put it!" (While in the Gnome Garden Before Quest End)

¦Oh, I didn't notice you there. How do you like being so insignificant?!

¦It sure is a beautiful day. Except for where you are standing!

Funny as hell. Have a nice day.
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The RomGod

The RomGod

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The new Fable III Empty
PostSubject: Fable III   The new Fable III EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 3:36 pm

The list is nice, but I think its missing a few... Anyways, anyone beat it yet?
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The Frosty1

The Frosty1

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The new Fable III Empty
PostSubject: The New Fable III   The new Fable III EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 1:32 pm

I have beaten it four times. I played it as a good guy/woman and as an evil guy/woman.

I like the one about crushin pups. Hella funny.
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The new Fable III Empty
PostSubject: Re: The new Fable III   The new Fable III Empty

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The new Fable III
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